Rebecca Zahau

Rebecca Zahau

Fight for Justice

On Friday, September 2, 2011, the San Diego Sheriffs Department closed the case of Rebecca Zahau, determining that Rebecca, according to evidence, had taken her own life. They went ahead with this decision despite the fact that the Zahau family and their lawyer presented them with reasonable objections that warranted further investigation. However, it was obvious that the sheriffs department had worked too hard to paint this picture of suicide and they were not about to let the Zahaus ruin it. Now the family is left to fight for justice themselves, and this fight is an expensive one. It is that reason we have set up this page, so that the many in America who also see the obvious injustice can help in this fight. On behalf of the Zahau family we would like to thank everyone in advance for your donation to help us fight to get justice for our sister, Rebecca. We want to assure you that every penny received will go toward truly following all of the evidence and to reverse the injustice Rebecca and our family have received. Again we thank you for your donation and ask you to please also keep us in both your thoughts and your prayers.

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Rebecca Zahau Fund

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Rebecca Zahau Timeline

Around May 30 (Memorial Day) – Jonah and Rebecca relocate to the Spreckels Mansion for the summer

Approximately June 28th – About two weeks before July 11 Jonah’s older children arrive for their scheduled two-week visit.

July 10th – Xena Zahau Rebecca’s little sister arrives for a scheduled 2 week visit. July 11th (early) – Max and Jonah drive Max’s two older half-siblings (Jonah’s older kids by Kimberly) to the airport for their prearranged scheduled flight to meet up with their mother in Phoenix.

July 11th – mid morning Jonah walks/runs to the gym for a workout. July 11th – at about 10:00 AM Max’s fall from the 2nd floor to the foyer happens. Rebecca was in one bathroom. Xena had gone upstairs to take a shower. Rebecca screams for Xena to call 911 (she does at 10:10). Rebecca attempts CPR. Coronado PD arrive at 10:12. Rebecca claims that Max whispered “Ocean” the name of the dog in the house and then became unresponsive. The documents say that they found Max on his back, a razor scooter resting on his right shin, a soccer ball in the foyer and Ocean sitting on the landing. A broken chandelier laid shattered near Max’s left shoulder. July 11th at 10:24 AM. Rebecca calls Jonah at the gym to tell him about Max’s fall and he runs home in time to see Max being loaded into the ambulance. July 11th at 10:24 AM. Rebecca calls Jonah at the gym to tell him about Max’s fall and he runs home in time to see Max being loaded into the ambulance. July 11th – Jonah follows ambulance to Sharp Coronado emergency dept where max arrives at 10:36 AM. July 11th – Max is transferred from Sharp Coronado emergency dept to Rady Children’s pediatric intensive care unit. July 11th – police attempt to locate Dina Shacknai (Max’s mom) and eventually find her. Dina arrives at Rady’s Hospital at 2:00 PM. July 11th – Xena apparently cuts herself trying to help clean up the shattered glass from the chandelier. A police officer drivers Xena and Rebecca to a local urgent care to have 4 stitches in her leg. July 11th – at some point in the afternoon Rebecca picks up Dina’s twin sister Nina from the airport. July 11th – Howard Luber Jonah’s friend from PV Arizona also arrives some time on Monday.

July 12th – Ted Greenberg, owner of Camp Diggity Dog, said Zahau called the Coronado kennel last Monday, shortly after the boy’s fall, to ask that someone pick up her 14 month-old Weimaraner, Ocean. She said her child was hospitalized after an injury. July 11th – Jonah returns home in the “early evening hours” to shower and pack some clothes for the hospital. July 11th – Xena spends the night with Rebecca in Coronado. July 12th – at 1:55 AM Jonah attempts to stay at the Ronald McDonald House but it is full. He stays at a nearby hotel instead, the Homestead Inn. July 12th – Jonah returns to the hospital at approx 5:30-6:00 AM. July 12th – around 8:00 AM Dina leaves the hospital. She goes back home and spends about 12 hours resting. July 12th – Tuesday morning at about 8:45 AM Ocean is picked up and taken to the kennel. According to the kennel owner Ted Greenberg. July 12th – Arrangements are made for Xena to go back home. Rebecca drives her to the airport. July 12th – Adam Shacknai is picked up by Rebecca at the airport. He has flown in to support his brother during this tremendously horrible time. July 12th – approx 6:00 PM Adam and Rebecca pick up Jonah and Howard from the hospital. They drop Howard off at the airport. Jonah, Rebecca and Adam then get some dinner. July 12th – Dina returns to the hospital between 6:00 PM and 8:00 PM. ** a discrepancy in the time Dina returned to the hospital. Detectives are told by Dina 8:00 PM and Jonah tells them 6:00 PM**

July 12th – 7:09 PM incoming call from urgent care facility checking on Xena. July 12th – 7:34 PM outgoing 1 min phone call to Jonah. July 12th – 7:39 PM incoming 1 min phone call from Adam. July 12th – After dinner Jonah returns to the hospital at about 8:00 PM. Dina is still there. July 12th – at approx 8:00 PM Rebecca and Adam return home to Coronado mansion. July 12th – 8:06 PM outgoing 27 min phone call to sister MaryJuly 12th – 8:33 PM incoming 3 min phone call from Mary July 12th – 2 text messages out to Jonah @ 8:41 PM July 12th – text message in from Jonah @ 8:43 PM July 12th – 9:25 PM outgoing 1 min phone call to Mary July 12th – text message out to Mary @ 9:40 PM July 12th – text message out to Mary @ 9:42 PM July 12th – text message in from Mary @ 9:44 PM July 12th – 2 text messages out to Mary @ 9:48 PM July 12th – text message in from Mary @ 9:52 PM July 12th – text message in from Mary @ 9:53 PM July 12th – text message out to Mary @ 9:53 PM

July 12th – text message in from Nina @ 10:41 PM asking if she can drop by to talk about “what happened” to Max. Rebecca never responds.

July 12th – 11:30 PM anonymous “sources” claim to hear someone scream “help” from or near the mansion.

July 13 – 12:30 AM Jonah claims he sent a voicemail message to Rebecca stating that Max’s condition was grave and his death was imminent.

July 13th – 12:50 AM allegedly Rebecca retrieves the voicemail message and deletes it. [there is no proof that Rebecca herself retrieved and deleted the voicemail]

July 13th – at about 1:00 AM Jonah goes to the Ronald McDonald House.

July 13th – Adam Shacknai said he awoke at approx 6:30 AM and made his way to the main house. He saw Rebecca hanging, ran to the kitchen to find a knife, pulled a table underneath her and cut her down. He claims the shirt was covering her mouth so he removed it in order to try to perform CPR as instructed to do by the 911 dispatch (told him to take the gag out of her mouth).

July 13th – 6:48 AM 911 is called. Adam stating he found Rebecca and was attempting CPR.

July 13th – Coronado Police Dept are the first to respond. Unable to locate a pulse they began CPR. Coronado Fire Dept arrived at 6:54 AM Rebecca was cold to the touch and rigor mortis was present in her jaw. They pronounced Rebecca deceased. They quickly decide they do not have the resources to deal with a homicide and call in San Diego County to help. The ME is called at 8:09 AM. SDSO arrives at approx 9:20 AM. July 13th – at about 6:48 AM Jonah claims he received a text message from Adam advising Rebecca had hung herself. July 13th – at about 7:00 AM Dina who was at Max’s bedside received a call from Jonah telling her Rebecca had killed herself. July 13th – Jonah returns to the hospital at approx 7:00 AM. July 13th – Jonah calls Rebecca’s sister Mary, but reaches her husband Doug instead. Jonah informs him that Rebecca has killed herself. July 13th – Adam Shacknai is interviewed by Detectives Lebitski and Hillen. July 13th – Attorney Paul Pfingst shows up at the mansion, won’t say who he’s representing, but does say it’s not Jonah. July 13th – Later Adam is given a polygraph examination by Paul Redden. Redden says he couldn’t draw a conclusion. He recommends that Adam be given a 2nd test but was never asked by SDSO to do the follow up. July 13th – Special Agents Resendiz and Burtis from the DOJ interview Dina. She tells the agents she left Rady Hospital on the 12th at about 8:00 AM and returned at 8:00 PM. July 13th – Jonah Shacknai is interviewed by Detectives Norton and Palmer. July 13th – at 7:15 PM 13 hours after Rebecca’s body is discovered the ME finally arrives. They determine Rebecca’s death to be somewhere between 1:00 AM and 3:00 AM.

July 14th – Rebecca’s autopsy is performed at 10:18 AM.(results are sealed). July 14th – Shacknai’s contact LE and inform them that Max has become very bad and is most likely not going to live.

July 15th – Jonah Shacknai is re-interviewed by Detective Norton. He tells them he left the hospital on the 12th at about 6:00 PM and that Dina had returned to the hospital around 6:00 PM.

July 16th – Max Shacknai passes away brain death. Pronounced July 16th at 11:30 PM. July 16th – Nina returns home July 16th – Jonah calls Ted Greenberg, the owner of Camp Diggity Dogs. He advises that he’s sending someone to pick up the 14 month old Weimaraner Ocean. He thanks Greenberg for all that he had done.

July 17th – Jonah and Dina release a joint statement that Max has passed away. July 17th – Jonah and Dina have authorized organ donation, procurement at 6:00 AM. 3 children benefit greatly from receipt of these organs.

July 18th – Max autopsy performed at 10:22 AM (results are sealed). July 19th – A private memorial service is held for Max.

July 21st – Jonah hires L.A. PR company Sitrick & Co. July 23rd – Rebecca is laid to rest in St. Joseph Missouri. Jonah attends the funeral. Aug 8th – Jonah speaks publicly for the 1st time, thanks shareholders for their support during a Medicis conference call—–says he “expects very quickly to return to the normal work schedule at the office” in a couple of weeks once his children are back in school.

Aug 15th – LE states they power Rebecca’s cell phone on for the first time (however there are data transfers on dates prior to this date).

Aug 24th – LE requests permission, receives and executes search warrants for cell phone records for two phones owned by Jonah Shacknai. It assumed they belong to Dina and Jonah. LE receives these records the same day.

Aug 31st – LE conducts first and only interview with Rebecca’s sister, Mary.

Sept 2nd – LE conducts press conference. They declare Rebecca’s death a suicide and the case closed. Max’s death is declared an accident.

Sept 3rd – Rebecca’s family strongly disputes LE’s “iron-clad” closed case. Family hires attorney Anne Bremner who plans on putting together information to send to the AG requesting the investigation be re-opened.

Sept 5th – Dr. Cyril Wecht, pathologist, and expert consulting with the family attorney Anne Bremner, says ‘a number of factors in the autopsy ruling do not add up’. He strongly questions the 4 subgaleal hemorrhages to the scalp, saying in his opinion they are evidence of blunt force trauma, therefore there was a struggle. He would classify the manner of death as “undetermined”.

Sept 6th – Jonah’s attorney Dan K. Webb sends a “cease and desist” letter to Anne Bremner, to stop making false public statements that ‘have the effect of severely damaging Jonah’s personal and business reputations’.

Sept 19th – Jonah Shacknai writes a letter to the CA Attorney General requesting a review of the findings that Zahau had killed herself.

Sept 20th – Sheriff Bill Gore releases a statement regarding Jonah’s letter to the Attorney General. He states he believes a thorough and professional investigation was conducted.

Sept 21st – Sheriff’s Homicide Lieutenant Larry Nesbit announces they will take another look at Zahau’s Samsung Focus Windows Phone using newly-identified, forensic software. Technological programs that were not available during the initial investigation. Sept 21st – A letter from CA Attorney General declines Jonah Shacknai’s request for a review.

Sept 22nd – SDSO releases statement respecting the decision of the Attorney General. Sept 22nd – A search warrant unsealed revealed that the head of the Intensive Care Unit at Rady Children’s Hospital, Dr. Bradley Peterson, initially believed his patient, Max Shacknai, may have been suffocated before he fell down the stairs. In Max’s autopsy report, the medical examiner disagreed and determined the boy’s injuries were consistent with an accidental neck injury sustained in the fall.

Oct 6th – Homicide Lt. Larry Nesbit said it was not possible to recover deleted data from Zahau’s phone without dismantling the device, something investigators did not want to do. As a result, no new information was obtained from the re examination. Oct 6th – Lt. Nesbit said the intact cell phone and other items belonging to the victim will be returned “in about one week” to the Zahau family attorney, Anne Bremner. The Seattle-based lawyer wants the cell phone and evidence in the case turned over as soon as possible.

from:  http://www.thehinkymeter.com/Library/RZ/rztimeline.pdf